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2014 Super Bowl Odds

Peyton Manning and Colin Kaepernick will be the quarterbacks most likely to hoist the Lombardi Trophy according to the Vegas 2014 Super Bowl Odds. Denver and San Francisco are listed at 6 to 1 on the 2014 Super Bowl Odds with Seattle closely behind at 15-2. The Patriots are at 10 to 1 and the Falcons and Packers at 12 to 1 are the other top contenders. Our NFL Picks experts broke down the Vegas Odds to find which squad will run the table this season. Wager on the 2014 Super Bowl Odds at BOVADA SPORTSBOOK!

Vegas Sports Picks Analysis: Peyton Manning (105.8 Passer Rating) is back in the saddle and an aggressive defense is one of the best Manning has ever had. Unfortunately pass-coverage and injury concerns could be the Broncos undoing and is a slim number. Pass. The 49ers have arguably the best defense in football but as good as wonder kid Colin Kaepernick (98.3 P.R.) has been, he’s started all of 10 NFL games. A suspect receiving corps and an aging All-Pro RB in Frank Gore are too many questions to buy the 49ers at 6 to 1 Vegas Odds. Pass. One of the reasons our NFL picks crew is passing on the 49ers is because of division rival Seattle’s power. The Seahawks went 11-5 in QB Russell Wilson’s (100.0 P.R.) inaugural season and a top-flight defense from a year ago has added more talent. The Seahawks are a good bet among the favorites at +750 moneyline with the most talented roster in the NFL.

The Patriots opened at 5 to 1 but the Aaron Hernandez circus and All-Pro TE Rob Gronkowski’s injury concerns have inflated the Pats number to a fat 10 to 1. A team as good as New England is the best bet on the board from a value standpoint with the best coach/QB combo in the game in Tom Brady and Bill Bellichick. The Falcons are almost unbeatable on their home turf and added firepower in RB Steven Jackson but too many questions on defense make them tough to grab at a slim 12 to 1 price. Green Bay has arguably the best quarterback in the NFL in QB Aaron Rodgers (108.0 P.R.) and a productive off-season makes them a better bet than Atlanta at 12 to 1.

A well-rounded Houston Texans team at 18 to 1 has some value with the Texans likely to go as far as QB Matt Schaub (90.7 P.R.) will take them. Most of the long shots appear to be dead money with too many glaring weaknesses but Mike Tomlin’s Pittsburgh Steelers at 28 to 1 is a great play. At 25 to 1 Cincinnati is the hot bet on the Vegas Odds to trump Pittsburgh but the Steelers have the better signal-caller in Ben Roethlisberger (97.0 P.R.). Another long shot worth a look is a proven Tom Coughlin led New York Giants crew at 22 to 1 with a prime Eli Manning under center.

Vegas Sports Picks Plays: New England, Pittsburgh, Seattle

2014 Super Bowl Odds listed at BOVADA SPORTSBOOK

Denver Broncos 6/1

San Francisco 49ers 6/1

Seattle Seahawks 17/2

New England Patriots 10/1

Atlanta Falcons 12/1

Green Bay Packers 12/1

Houston Texans 18/1

New Orleans Saints 18/1

New York Giants 22/1

Chicago Bears 25/1

Cincinnati Bengals 25/1

Dallas Cowboys 25/1

Baltimore Ravens 28/1

Pittsburgh Steelers 28/1

Washington Redskins 33/1

Indianapolis Colts 40/1

Miami Dolphins 40/1

Minnesota Vikings 40/1

St. Louis Rams 40/1

Detroit Lions 50/1

Kansas City Chiefs 50/1

Philadelphia Eagles 50/1

San Diego Chargers 50/1

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 50/1

Carolina Panthers 66/1

New York Jets 100/1

Arizona Cardinals 125/1

Buffalo Bills 150/1

Cleveland Browns 150/1

Tennessee Titans 150/1

Oakland Raiders 250/1

Jacksonville Jaguars 300/1

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