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MLB Picks: 2014 Home Run Derby Vegas Odds

2014 Home Rund Derby Vegas Odds have Giancarlo Stanton +350

2014 Home Run Derby Vegas Odds have Giancarlo Stanton +350

Minneapolis, MN – Tonight at 8 PM ET from Target Field in Minneapolis the 2014 Home Run Derby will blast off for all of Minnesota hardball enthusiast to see. 2014 Home Run Derby Vegas Odds have Miami Marlins slugger Giancarlo Stanton as the favorite at 7 to 2 betting odds. Most MLB picks action for this year’s contest has been on charismatic L.A.. Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig who is at 9 to 2 betting odds. Our MLB Picks panel broke down the entire 2014 Home Run Derby field. 2014 Home Run Derby Vegas Odds have Giancarlo Stanton at +350 (Bet $1000 to win $3500) at Carbon Sportsbook

MLB Picks Analysis: Marlins right-hander Giancarlo Stanton comes in as the rightful favorite with 21 home runs and is capable of hitting a baseball 550+ feet. That last line was not a misprint. Last year’s defending champion is A’s right-hander Yoenis Cespedes (+500 Vegas Odds) who is listed behind ever-popular Dodger righty Yasiel Puig (+450). Puig has received the most action for the Derby having been originally listed at +550. Despite his powerful swing the muscle-bound Puig is more of a line-drive hitter than pure bomber. Cespedes has managed only 14 dingers and we are fading the Mike Tyson-esque outfielder to repeat as a champion. Toronto righty Jose Bautista is the benefactor of the hitter-friendly Rogers center in Ontario with 17 four-baggers but has done well in three previous Derby appearances.

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Big Colorado righty Troy Tulowitzki comes in with 21 dingers at Coors Field which is equivalent to about 13 or 14 home runs at a neutral park. Stocky A’s righty Josh Donaldson is a live underdog at +1000 with 20 home runs in a pitcher-friendly Oakland Coliseum. Undersized Twins righty Brian Dozier has 16 homers at tonight’s hitter-friendly Target Field. Athletic Orioles right-hander Adam Jones is another live underdog at +1200 with 16 homers at pitcher-friendly Camden Yards. Reds righty Todd Frazier has 17 blasts but is the beneficiary of the most hitter-friendly park not named Coors Field. Big Rockies lefty Justin Morneau comes in with 13 chip shots at home run heaven Coors Field but lefties have traditionally dominated the Derby.

MLB Picks Play: Giancarlo Stanton +350 (3.0 Units) Josh Donaldson +1000 (1.0 Unit) Adam Jones +1200 (1.0 Unit)

 2014 Home Run Derby Vegas Odds at Carbon Sportsbook

Giancarlo Stanton +350 (6’6″ 240 Lbs./21 Home Runs) : 

Yasiel Puig: +450 (6’3″ 245/12 HR)

Jose Bautista: +500 (6’0″ 190/17 HR)

Yoenis Cespedes: +500 (5’10” 210/14 HR)

Troy Tulowitzki:+650 (6’3″ 215/21 HR)

Josh Donaldson: +1000 (6’0″ 220/20 HR)

Brian Dozier: +1200 (5’11” 190/16 HR)

Todd Frazier: +1200 (6’3″ 215/17 HR)

Adam Jones: +1200 (6’2″ 225/16 HR)

Justin Morneau: +1500 (6’3″ 233/13 HR)



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