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MLB Picks: Prince Fielder Signing Drops Vegas Odds To 9-1 on Detroit

MLB Picks: Prince Fielder Drops Vegas Odds To 9-1: As soon as new Detroit Tigers slugger Prince Fielder inked his $210 million contract with the Detroit Lions the Vegas Odds on the Tigers dropped from 15-1 to 9-1 at BOVADA CASINO. The 27-year old Fielder has been considered a bigger signing than that of the Albert Pujols L.A. Angels contract worth $240 million. The left-handed bomber has been extrodinarily durable and is predicted to have a longer shelf life than Pujols who’s 10-year deal has him signed until he is 42-years old.

MLB Picks Analysis: The Detroit Tigers adding the former Milwaukee Brewers star Prince Fielder has incresed their star power and made them legit World Series threats. The Vegas Odds for the MLB have Phillies, Angels and Yankees as betting favorites ahead of Detroit but Fielder’s addition makes them a strong darkhorse to win the World Series.

Mario Ferrezi

College Football handicapper Mario Ferrezi is one of the head members of the Vegas Sharps sports syndicate and has a track record for giving picks with huge payouts. Ferrezi works 70+ hours per week dissecting football match-up's with an emphasis on fundamental handicapping.

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