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Peyton Manning Odds On His Next Team

The biggest off-season question entering the 2012 season is where MVP quarterback Peyton Manning will end up next. It is obvious that the Indianapolis Colts are not interested in taking a risk on Manning’s creaky neck so a host of ten NFL squads appear to be in the running to sign the former Super Bowl winner. Below is a closer at the Peyton Manning Odds from our NFL picks experts.

Peyton Manning Odds Analysis: The Vegas Odds on Manning not coming back to even throw a pass in for the 2012 NFL season is the first NFL betting prop on the board at +250 moneyline. Mixed reports have indicated that Manning is still not in any condition to be on a field with the inability to throw passes with velocity due to his neck injury. The first team in line to land Manning if he does play is the Miami Dolphins at +250. Miami has been spending freely in the off-season and appear to be eager to replace serviceable but ordinary starter Matt Moore. Miami has an All-Pro WR in Brandon Marshall and Manning would probably the sunny weather in Miami after playing in chilly Indianapolis.

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The runner-up in the Peyton Manning sweepstakes is the heavily bankrolled Washington Redskins at +300. Washington has the ineffective Rex Grossman penciled in as the #1 behind center and Manning would likely be supplied by a nice supporting cast by the flush Redskins if he is signed. Manning’s former team Indianapolis is considered to be in the running at +400 but Jim Irsay appears ready to invest in the future by drafting college stud QB Andrew Luck. Below are the Vegas Odds on the rest of the contenders in the hunt for Manning.

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Jets: +500

Cardinals: +500

Other Team: +1000

Broncos: +2500

49ers: +4000

Titans: +5000

Chiefs: +5000

Texans: +6000



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